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19:47 | Aug 01 | 2013

Summer school of innovation projects “Creating the Future” in the forum “The Lena Land”


From July 27 to August 7, 2013 the Physics and Mathematics Forum “The Lena Land” is holding a summer school of innovation projects "Creating the Future".
It is attended by 94 senior pupils with academic achievements who wish to develop their design expertise, creativity and communication skills, and ability to cooperate and work as a team.
The program includes the following modules: "Design", "Training", and “Communications”. Project sites are operating on the basis of "School Technopark" of the forum "The Lena Land" and the Library-Archives of the First President of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) M. Nikolaev.
A peculiarity of this year's summer school is development of pupils’ ideas and projects focused on development of local society in Oktyomsky nasleg of Khangalassky region. By the end of the school time the educational projects of the participants should “overgrow” into social projects, which can be used for real work. For example, pupils are developing models of souvenirs offered for guests of “Ysyakh of Olonkho-2014” in the section "Design bureau of space images"; a section “Technology of the intellectual game Debate” is developing cases on the basis of materials about Oktyomtsy village collected in the administration of Oktyomsky nasleg, the local-lore museum of Oktyomtsy, and from veterans living in the nasleg.
Participants of sections “Development of social projects and business ideas for the local society” and “Practical Physics. Technical solutions for territorial development” are seeking solutions to the problems of agriculture, alternative energy, heat supply, heat extraction, health and human comfort, population employment, etc.
By tradition, there are sections of physical and technical and informational and technological directions. School children are also realizing a project “Summer School - 2013 present” (creation of a video in English).


The result of the work will be a strategic business game "Creating the Future. Create Your Business in Oktyomtsy".