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18:35 | Jul 31 | 2013

Fighters of NEFU studentsí teams engaged in Yakutsk suburbs improvements

NEFU students’ teams are working in the suburbs of Yakutsk - Tulagino, Prigorodnoe, Markha, Kangalassy, ​​Khatassy, ​​Tabaga and Magan. According to the Students’ Teams Main Office of the Federal University, 224 fighters are involved in the improvements.

“There are 37 fighters in our team. At the moment we are constructing a fence in a dump site, helping to repair schools, plastering walls in entrance halls, cleaning the territory of the village Kangalassy. While working here, you can find new friends and profitably spend summer holidays”, ─ Aisen Tolstoukhov, a leader of the team in Kangalassy village, ​​a student of the Faculty of Mining of the North-Eastern Federal University, says.