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18:05 | Jul 30 | 2013

Results of the Republican Haying Competition “Kyuley-2013”

 The traditional Republican Competition in Manual Haying and Mowing with a mini-tractor “Kyuley-2013” has been completed.

The competition took place in Boro Bastaakh area of Ust-Aldansky region. From early mornings 29 mowers from different parts of the republic went ahead with their competitive works. A little later, tractor drivers also began competing. Masters of manual mowing competed by the area of ​​the work; mini-tractor drivers competed by the time of haying process.
The panel of judges assessed the quality and areas or results, depending on the method of mowing.
Following the results of the competition, Vyacheslav Okorov from Megino- Kangalassky ulus won in manual mowing contest with the result of 1.588 hectare.
The best master in the mini-tractor mowing was Nikolai Afanasyev, an employee of the housing and communal services and father of many children. It should be noted that Nikolay had been the winner in the mini- tractor mowing for four years in a row.
Results of manual mowing among women were also interesting. The winner was 71-year-old Marina Andreeva from Gorny ulus with the result of 0.489 hectare.
 The winners of manual haymaking and mowing with mini-tractors among men were handed keys to new mini-tractors. The winner among women was given a television of new generation.
Photo's source: http://ysia.ru