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18:04 | Jul 30 | 2013

Designers: Yakutian bridge - an extremely complex object

Construction of the bridge across the Lena River near Yakutsk is complicated by severe hydrological and ice conditions, as “DorInfo” reported in “Institute “Stroiproekt” CJSC.
“Hard conditions will make us use bridge spans of not less than 200 meters. Perhaps, we will have to apply large spans, - Alexander Surovtsev, the technical director, the chairman of the directors board of the Institute considers. - Besides, the climate zone with a temperature of -65 ˚C, seismicity and permafrost - all this suggests that the object will be one of the most complex bridgeworks in Russia”.
The bridge across the Lena River near Yakutsk will tie the federal highways “Umnas” and “Lena” and will provide a year-round transport link between the territories of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The project will cost 56.3 billion rubles. This is one of the first projects undertaken by the Federal Road Agency on the basis of public-private partnerships.