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18:04 | Jul 30 | 2013

Aldansky region honors long-livers

The Aldansky region is famous not only for rich natural resources but also for its long-livers. Over the past few months in 2013, four veterans of home front have celebrated milestone birthdays in the region.
As reported in the Aldansky region’s site, on February 1, a resident of the village Nizhny Kuranakh, Antonina Denisova, marked her 90-year-old anniversary. On July 1, her fellow-villager Sofiya Tatarnikova also marked 90 years old. On the Day of Aldan, July 19, Evdokia Volokitina celebrated her 95 anniversary, and on July 23 relatives and friends congratulated Anastasia Avelova on the 90 anniversary.
On the days of their holidays the long-livers received envelopes with a personal greeting by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, bouquets and gifts from the Department of Social Protection and the Regional Administration.
It should be noted, that there are 6 war veterans, 462 veterans of home front, 2 prisoners of concentration camps and 2 residents of Blockaded Leningrad in the ulus.