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23:21 | Jul 26 | 2013

Shiori Yamada: true professionals work in NEFU

On July 25, Vice-consul of the Consulate General of Japan in Khabarovsk, Ms. Shiori Yamada, handed a Diploma of Merit of the Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk over Svetlana Barashkova, the Head of the Department of Oriental Languages ​​and Country Studies of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies of NEFU for development of the Japanese language studying and rising of NEFU students’ interest in Japan.

The Japanese side highly appreciated the Japanese language study and promotion contribution of lecturers and students of the university and expressed deep respect for Evgenia Mikhailova. Since its opening in 2000, the Department is making significant efforts to develop educational activities in the field of Japanese teaching and enhance international exchanges with universities of Japan.

Japanese guests will stay in the capital for two days. They will become familiar with the traditions and culture of the people living in Yakutia.

“Yakutsk is very nice modern city. I give a high rating to your university which employs excellent specialists and true professionals. I hope that in the future we will meet and work more often for the benefit of Yakutia and Japan” - Shiori Yamada shared her impressions.