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17:55 | Jul 25 | 2013

Far North needs RECs

On July 24 Evgenia Mikhailova, NEFU Rector, met with members of the international expedition “Gold Deposits of the North-East of Russia”. Scientists-geologists and representatives of gold mining and prospecting companies of the U.S., Australia, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Brazil were speaking about prospects of cooperation with the Federal University.
The expedition led by Nikolay Goryachev, the Director of the North-East Complex Research Institute of Magadan, will be held from Yakutsk to Magadan on the federal highway “Kolyma”. An obligatory part of the excursion will be a visit of the known ore deposits of Yakutia and the Magadan Region.
“The choice had fallen on the North-Eastern region of the country not by chance, because the interest of the international community of geologists in this region is increasing every year. Our region is rather uncharted but it is a world-class gold province”, - Nikolay Goryachev said.
In her turn, Evgenia Mikhailova introduced the guests to the activities of the Federal University and told about recent successes and achievements in this science.

Besides the meeting with the leadership of the university, the expedition visited the Geological Faculty, the Arctic Innovation Center and the Museum of Mammoth of NEFU.