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09:29 | Jul 23 | 2013

375th anniversary of Russkoe Ustie village

Yakutia is preparing to mark the 375th anniversary of the unique village Russkoe Ustie near the Arctic Ocean. The village is inhabited by Russian residents, who have religiously been keeping Old Russian culture, oral folk arts, and true Russian identity.
The village of ethnographic uniqueness is located in the Allaikhovsky region of Yakutia in the lower reaches of the Indigirka River. The main activity of the population is polar fox hunting.
There are two different points of view on the history of its origin. There is a legend that the ancestors of the village natives, immigrants from the Russian North, fled from their ancestral home to escape harassment of Ivan the Terrible.
The other way was by rivers and portages to northern Siberia in the first half of the XVII century. In 1632 Lensky (Yakut) ostrog (stockade town) was founded. According to pioneering explorers, Russkoe Ustie was founded by a Tobolsk Cossack Ivan Rebrov in August 1638.
The transpolar village was first mentioned in scientific literature in 1793 in the reports of Lieutenant Dmitry Laptev. The sea campaign of Semyon Dezhnev was actually started from here and resulted in the opening of the strait between Asia and America.
Russkoe Ustie can be called a nature reserve of old North-Russian culture, which has recently attracted increasing attention of historians, ethnographers, folklorists, linguists and anthropologists.