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11:34 | Jul 19 | 2013

Yakutian herders to take part in the World Reindeer Herders Congress

 On July 25-28 China (Genhe and Alougoya) will held the V World Reindeer Herders Congress which will bring together representatives of all the reindeer herding regions of the world.

The Congress will be organized in three directions: development of the declaration and presentations of reports in an official part; presentation of a unique cultural herders’ heritage in a cultural part; discussion of important issues of sustainable development of reindeer herding in a professional part. The V World Reindeer Herders Congress will mainly focus on preservation and development of reindeer herding in taiga.

Yakutia will be represented by delegates (Anna Tuprina, Vasily Solovyov), participants (Semyon Ammosov, Alexander Sleptsov), and Ivan Pavlov- the head of the delegation, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).