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17:08 | Jul 18 | 2013

Association of Yakutian students “Ilin Dolgun” in China

Today, 14 employer-sponsored students from Yakutia are studying in the People's Republic of China. In addition, there are 500 students from Yakutia in China who live and study there at their own expense. Every year the number of those who want to study in universities of China is growing.

After the visit of the Ministry of Youth and Family Policy in cooperation with the Ministry of Federative Affairs and External Relations to China, groups of active students in Beijing, Harbin and Shanghai have been created and gathered into a unified organization - an Association of Yakutian students studying in China “Ilin Dolgun”.

The organization aims to unite students, motivate them for successful study, promote healthy lifestyles, provide legal and other assistance, and monitor academic progress of Yakutian students.