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18:48 | Jul 17 | 2013

Journalists and scientists meet unique nature of the Kolyma

On July 16 a journalistic “landing party” devoted to the Year of the Environmental Protection in the Russian Federation has been launched. Representatives of the republican media and science have gone out to preserved areas of the Kolyma River.
Today, on July 17, journalists from Zyrianka village will go by motor boats down the river Kolyma, where Chersky village will be a final destination. During the trip, the expedition will get acquainted with the unique nature of the Kolyma and visit the Resource Reserves "Ozhogino", "Sylgy-Ytar", "Troiyskoe", "Sededema", "Chaigurgino" in the natural park "Kolyma".
They also plan to meet with the heads of uluses. Besides journalists, there are prominent scientists in the landing party.
Results of the expedition will be a basis for informational and scientific articles, radio broadcasts, and a documentary in the republican media.