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16:27 | Jul 15 | 2013

Foreign media’s growing interest in Yakutia

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is taking the 17 place in the communication rating of the Russian regions in the leading English-language media on the results of 2012, which has been conducted by the analytical agency “Smyslographia”. The total score, assigned to each region, takes into account the region’s assessment both in the number of its references and the share of its favorable publications.

Moscow has been excluded from the ranking, as it is an undisputed leader of references in foreign media.

Following the results of 2012, the first place went to the Sakhalin Region (155 points). The Far East region was represented by Primorsky Krai (6 place), the Khabarovsk Region (10 place), the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (17 place), the Magadan Region (18 place) in the top twenty of the FEFD representatives.

It should be noted that the communication rating of Yakutia has increased by 11 points compared with 2011.