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16:09 | Jul 12 | 2013

Improvement of Kytyl-Dyury village of Khangalassky ulus

 The funds of the Program of Integrated Rural Development were a great help for the ulus. A half of the received funds (total - 1 million rubles) will be spent on construction of a multifunctional recreation area in the center of the village.

Veronika Lotova, the Head of Malzhagarsky-5 nasleg of the region, commented: “We started preparing for the present construction in 2012. Then we demolished all dilapidated buildings in the village with the use of funds allocated by the Government for the improvement. A plan of the multifunctional recreation area was drawn up with the assistance of the village activists. There will be a place where all residents of the nasleg will be able to spend their free time. Of course, we are facing a lot of problems such as renewal of street lighting, construction of a chapel and other arrangements. Residents of Kytyl-Dyury support our endeavors, and I'm sure the results will be positive”.