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18:21 | Jul 11 | 2013

Yakuts received All-Russian Award “Honor and Valor”

 The award was established at the initiative of the Russian Council of Veterans of the Internal Affairs Bodies in conjunction with other NGOs in 2004. Yakutsk has been holding this event for the second time.

Marina Savvinova is one of these Yakuts. She is mother of a Senior Police Sergeant Arkady Savvinov, who died game in a shootout with militants in Chechnya in 2009. She was awarded in the nomination “For Mother’s Feat”.

Alexander Yarkovoy, a retired Colonel, director of the Museum of History of the Police of the RS (Y) Ministry of Interior, was a prize winner in the nomination “For devotion to professionalism and public duty, adherence to the veterans’ movement”.

Police Captain Evgeny Kokotaev, Deputy Commander of OMON equipment and armament of the RS (Y) Ministry of Interior, was the winner in the nomination “For public order protection”.