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17:56 | Jul 11 | 2013

NEFU voluntary students solve HCS problems

 Members of the NGO “Vse Doma” (Everyone at home) are engaged in beautification of Yakutsk; its members also give lectures to the residents and control violations by management companies.   

The organization has already held a number of actions, such as replacement of lamps in entrance halls, sanding-up of slippery roads and pavements in NEFU campus, and beautification and landscaping of territories. Besides, members of the organization have recently ended another action - a decade “My Yard”, when they have fixed two playgrounds up, held subbotniks (neighborhood clean-up), collected garbage in the Oktyabrsky district, and given lectures for homeowners.


NGO “Vse Doma” was founded in 2012. The coordinator of the project is Maria Sleptsova, a student of NEFU Institute of Technology. The aim of the project is to detect certain violations in the sphere of Housing and Communal Services (HCS), help citizens in solving their problems related to this sphere, and increase social activity of citizens.