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17:03 | Jul 09 | 2013

NEFU Summer Schools: Foreign students get to know culture of Russia and Yakutia

 On July 8 the Federal University started work of two Summer Schools – “The Russian Language and the Culture in Siberia” and “Sakha-Yakutia: a Living Culture on the Permafrost”.

“The schools have varied programs which include a study of the Russian language and familiarization with the cultural sights of our republic, - the head of NEFU International Relations Office Vladlen Kugunurov says. - The work will involve lecturers of the Institute of Languages ​​and Cultures of the Peoples of the North-East of Russia, the Physical and Technical Institute, and Faculties of Philology, Biology and Geography and Exploration”.

Students of the school “The Russian Language and the Culture in Siberia” will be 15 students from South Korea, China, Vietnam and the United States, studying in NEFU. The program “Sakha-Yakutia: a Living Culture on the Permafrost” will engage eight students from Germany and two students from Norway.

Guests from abroad will visit the Ethnographic Complex “Chochur Muran”, the Lena Pillars, and other sights of Yakutia during the studying. NEFU Summer School will last until July 26.