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17:32 | Jul 08 | 2013

Yakutia Children developing Program of United Children's Movement

On July 5 - 7 the center “Pine Forest” hosted the first founding meeting of the United Children's Movement, when the participating children were holding an active work in sections on four directions. The children developed a basis for the program of a new organization, chose its symbols, approved traditions and rituals, and planned future events.

The name of the new program will be “We are the future of Yakutia”. According to the program, the results of activities of the primary departments, which will be located in regions and schools of Yakutsk, will be summed up at the general meetings.

Gennady Okhlopkov approved the program and announced a resolution of the meeting, which included an item stating that conditions for the organization of primary departments in schools and regions should be created from September 1, 2013. In addition, the heads of regions was ordered to assist in the implementation of the program of the United Children's Movement. “Besides, we will also organize conferences, platforms and round tables on development of the Children's Movement with creation of a single coordinating body “Center for Development of Children's Movement of the RS (Y)”, - Gennady Okhlopkov added.