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12:16 | Jul 05 | 2013

Motorace Yakutsk-Magadan: departure of the first group

The first group of the previously announced motocross “Magadan – Yakutsk” has started off for Magadan on Wednesday.

The second group of New Zealanders will catch the main group later. Our special correspondent, editor of “Yakutia Today” magazine Nikolai Kychkin, is driving with the first group. Here is what he is telling about the way:

Yesterday the second day of motorace Magadan - Yakutsk ended. We have passed 450 km of the way, now we have got to Susuman - the center of the same-name region bordering on the territory of Yakutia. The most difficult part of the road is starting today - a section of the old Kolyma road from the abandoned Kadykchan village of Magadan to Tomtor village of Yakutia.

About 200 km of road were abandoned in the 2000s due to the closure of villages. Rivers, upper reaches of the Indigirka and destroyed bridges constitute particular threat to the terms and the race in whole.

A group of support - two off-road trucks Saiga and GAZ-66 – started off from Tomtor to meet the group in Kadykchan yesterday.