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12:13 | Jul 05 | 2013

NEFU to gather mathematicians from all over the world in Yakutsk

On July 8-11 the Second International Conference “Supercomputer technologies of mathematical modeling” will be working at the Federal University.

Scientists from the universities of Humboldt (Germany), Hankuk (Korea), Linyi (China), Alberta (Canada), and other mathematical centers are planned to take part in the conference. 

According to the Executive Secretary of the conference Mikhail Antonov, the aim of the conference is defining of approaches of solutions to the problems of mathematical modeling of continuous media by leading Russian and foreign mathematicians. They will share their experience of specialists’ computer technologies training. The conference results will be important for the scientific community.

70 speakers have applied for the participation: there are Academicians and Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor of universities from different countries. Participants will speak in Russian and English among them.

This year the conference is divided into five main directions of the work: software of high-performance computing, supercomputing technologies for solution of applied problems, mathematical problems of continuum media and others.