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11:28 | Jul 02 | 2013

Yakutian cuisine with innovation

At present, everyone knows that it is rather difficult to find a national dairy in shops of Yakutia. 

On June 28 an Agreement which can change this situation was signed.

According to the Agreement among the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy, the State Committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on Innovation Policy and Science and the Yakutsk Research Institute of Agriculture (YRIA), the republic will produce cheese and other dairy products such as cheese “Syumekh”, whey “Ensiely” and unique dairies “Uninuula” and “Ot yuorete”. It is worth noting that all of these products have been developed by scientists of YRIA and will be produced in Yakutia farms with necessary industrial base. In addition, a company which will sign an agreement with YRIA on diaries production will become an innovative one. 

Thus, due to the Yakutian innovators, grocery shelves will contain new, high quality and tasty food.