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11:27 | Jul 02 | 2013

“SakhaSeliger” participants to meet world-renowned business coach Dr. Song

SakhaSeliger’s direction Innovation and invention made a claim of itself from the last year as one of the most sought-after and popular direction among young activists and innovators. This year, according to the organizers of the forum, participants of SakhaSeliger will be trained by a world-renowned business coach - Mr. Song.  

Mr. Song is Professor of the Korean National University. He had been teaching at the University of Singapore for a long time and was one of the managing directors of the International Business Group of the insurance company TongYang”. Now he has his own consulting company. He is known throughout the world as one of the most sought-after business coaches. The arrival of such a guest at the Youth Forum is a great event in the life of the republic. He will tell the participants of the direction Innovation and invention” about promotion of projects with the help of international venture capital funds.