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11:25 | Jul 02 | 2013

Pole of Cold in the second round of “Russia 10” competition

The Russian Geographical Society together with the channel Russia 1” has finished the first round of voting of the competition Russia 10”.

According to the voting results, 80 objects from all over Russia will continue to fight for the right to enter the top ten new symbols of the country.

It is worth recalling that Yakutia has presented 15 items at the competition: Pole of Cold, Lena Pillars, the Permafrost Institute, Mammoths’ burial of Berelyakh, Buluus glacier, Ust-Lensky Nature Reserve, Mount Kisilyakh, Kolyma” road, “Mir” diamond mine, Uolbinskaya chapel, Labynkyr Lake, Friendship Museum-reserve, the Baikal-Amur Mainline, Batagayka” barrow pit and Kingdom of Permafrost.

Only Pole of Cold entered the top ten in the Far Eastern Federal District; it became the tenth one. At present it takes the 55th place in the tournament bracket.

The second round of voting will end on September 1, 2013.