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10:18 | Jun 28 | 2013

Intercontinental expedition “Our Alaska” to arrive at Yakutsk

On July 1 the Intercontinental entrepreneurial expedition “Our Alaska”, moving along the route Irkutsk - San Francisco, will come to Yakutsk. The route started out on June 19 from the former office building of the legendary “Russian-American Company” in Irkutsk. The expedition will sail to Yakutsk by airboats.

Their travelling will be lasting for three years by two-weeks-stages in summer and winter, by land and ocean. Moreover, the expedition will move from two parts - Siberia and California - to meet each other halfway. Yakutsk will be the end point of the first stage of the route; the finish of the whole route will be at the Ratmanoff Island in the Bering Strait.

The team is headed by a businessman and a traveler Alexander Kravtsov - a creator of the brand “Expedition”. Organizers of the expedition started it, having inspired by the history of the “Russian-American Company”, which was founded in 1796 by the Irkutsk businessmen headed by Grigory Shelekhov, described in a poem by Andrey Voznesensky and the rock-opera “Juno and Avos”.

The aim of the expedition is creation and translation of fresh new meanings for entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as development of crowdfinding and crowdsourcing technologies in the Russian and American business communities.