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10:20 | Jun 26 | 2013

NEFU and Johannes Gutenberg University ready to sign a Cooperation Agreement

The NEFU Institute for Languages ​​and Cultures of the North-East of Russia and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Johannes Gutenberg University are ready to sign an Agreement on cooperation in science and Turkological research.

The director of the Institute, Mr. Laszlo Karolyi, studies the Turkic languages and reads in the Yakut language. The purpose of his visit is study of the Dolgan language.

The researcher, who is published in Germany, has proposed to issue a joint Turkological collection in NEFU.

Besides, the parties discussed proposals of creation of a Yakut-German Research Center for joint research for organization of scientific expeditions in the territory of Yakutia; exchange of researchers, graduate students and lecturers; development of joint research projects.