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10:15 | Jun 26 | 2013

Yakutsk Airport offered passengers to play Yakut board games before departure

Yakutsk Airport continues to please its passengers with interesting projects in the form of concerts of classical music “Music Flight” (in collaboration with the Philharmonic of Yakutia), Book-crossing (free provision of books for reading), art exhibitions “Air Art” on various topics and others.

On June 25 Yakutsk Airport started a new project “Games of Ancestors” in the passenger terminal. Facing “Ysyakh of Tuymaada” and Spartakiad in national sports “Games of Manchaary”, passengers are offered master classes and exhibitory performances of masters of the RS (Y) Federation of National Board Games.

On this day, everyone could play great games of our ancestors contributing to training of hand strength, dexterity, accuracy and endurance.

The project initiators are convinced that promotion and popularization of the national board games among the population and the Republic guests at the airport with a passenger traffic about 4 million people in summer will contribute to interest in these sports, national traditions and customs.