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10:13 | Jun 26 | 2013

Yakutsk to host I International Festival of Blacksmiths “Kytai Bakhsy”

On July 27 - 30 Yakutia will hold for the first time the I International Festival of Blacksmiths “Kytai Bakhsy”. During national celebration of “Ysyakh of Tuymaada” the tourist complex “Yus Khatyn” will host an auction of products of blacksmithing craftsmen, master-classes, exhibitions and other events.

The festival will demonstrate art mastery of foreign, Russian and local blacksmiths; reconstruction of old Yakut technology of bloomery iron production in a furnace and processing of bloomery iron into a finished product.

Besides, the festival will include an exchange of experience between blacksmiths in the form of master-classes, discussions, and cooperation with foreign partners.

The festival will result in strengthening of Yakutia prestige as a region with a high level of national culture, which creates all the conditions for professional growth of ironsmiths.