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18:13 | Jun 24 | 2013

Far Eastern Youth Policy Forum “Polar Gvardeysk” in Yakutia

On June 23 over 100 people from 24 regions of the Republic and 5 regions of the Far East arrived at the Transport Technical School in Nizhny Bestyakh village to take part in the first Far Eastern Youth Policy Forum “Polar Gvardeysk”. The event will be held from 23 to 27 of June.

Within five days Young Guards from different regions of the Republic and the Far East will listen to lectures by visiting experts from Moscow, pass a series of trainings, compete in debates, and take part in a business game “Election”, during which a head of “Polar Gvardeysk” will be elected. The participants will be taught methods of arrangement and organization of public events and charity events, leadership skills, public speaking, and many others.