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17:46 | Jun 21 | 2013

Yakutsk to host International Conference on Renewable Energy in isolated systems of the Far East

The International Conference “Renewable energy in isolated systems of the Far East of Russia” will be held in Yakutsk on June 27-29.

The conference will be the first discussion forum dedicated to development of renewable energy sources (RES) in difficult conditions of the FEFD regions. The agenda will include issues related to a tariff regulation and ensuring of investments return, practice of financing RES projects and peculiarities of operation of RES objects in severe environmental conditions.

There also will be a plenary session “Development of RES projects in isolated systems of the Far East of Russia”, sessions “Normative regulation and principles of investing in RES projects”, “Innovation infrastructure for RES development”, “Modern technologies of RES” and “Russian and international experience of RES use”.

The conference will also include an exhibition of equipment of generation on renewable energy sources for isolated systems.