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17:25 | Jun 17 | 2013

Results of V Republican Contest “Best Business Project of the Year”

On June 3 - 6 there was the V Republican Contest of business ideas and projects “Best Business Project of the Year” among school children. The competition was attended by children from Verkhoyansky, Gorny, Namsky, Suntarsky, Tattinsky, Ust-Aldansky, Khangalassky uluses, Tulagino village and the city of Yakutsk.

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Education of the RS (Y) and the Republican Children's Center “Keskil” with the support of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development of the RS (Y), “Business School” and “Business Incubator”. 

Besides classes there were psychological games and tests targeted on a success situation. This helped to mobilize leadership skills and potential to protect and present children’s ideas and projects. According to the participants, the main acquisition for them was that they have learned to work in a team of associates.

The absolute winner of the contest was Valeria Egorova from Suntarsky ulus with the project “Clothing - transformer “Choice of the generation”. She was also nominated for the grant of the RF President within the National Priority Project “Education” in support of talented youth.