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17:34 | Jun 14 | 2013

Klavdia Keltsieva - the best phthisiologist of Russia

As a result of the all-Russian contest “The Best Doctor of the Year”, the Yakutian citizen, a tuberculotherapist, a chief doctor of the tuberculosis dispensary of Suntarsky central hospital, Klavdia Keltsieva, has won in the nomination “Best phthisiologist”.

Every year Suntarsky region reaches high efficiency of treatment of patients with tuberculosis. Material and technical base of the TB service has greatly improved in the region thanks to the efforts of the chief doctor; as a TB specialist K. Keltsieva is constantly introducing modern methods of treatment of tuberculosis.

In 2002 K. Keltsieva won the Republican contest “The Best Doctor of the Year” in the nomination “Best phthisiologist”. And now the she has won in the same nomination at the Russian competition.