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17:20 | Jun 06 | 2013

The oldest Yakutian resident is 112 years

The Minister of Labor and Social Development of Yakutia Nikolay Degtyaryov, the head of the Department of Social Welfare and Labor of Yakutsk Semyon Matveev and the advisor to Yakutsk city head Georgy Ivanov congratulated the oldest resident of the Republic Marfa Sivtseva on her birthday. On Thursday, she was 112 years old.

Marfa Vasilievna Sivtseva was born on June 5, 1901 during the reign of the last Emperor Nicholas II. She was 40 when World War II began where she sent her husband Gavril Sivtsev. Unfortunately he did not return from the battlefield and was missing. Marfa did not get married again. She left alone with four children - three boys and one girl. Now she has 19 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

According to Albina, her grand-daughter, the secret of Marfa longevity can be a healthy lifestyle, healthy and natural food and complacent attitude to people and life.

At this time there are 6 long-livers in the Republic who have already celebrated their centenaries. All of them were presented “Uye saas” orders.