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16:09 | May 31 | 2013

Yakutian scientists fancied a new hybrid sheep

Recently, Cand. Sc. (Biology) Gregory Machakhtyrov received the first results of the research on creation of a hybrid, which eventually could become the basis for a new breed - the Yakutian sheep.

On May 26, on the fortieth try workers of the Yakutian State Agricultural Academy succeeded to fancy a hybrid – a lamb with half of the chromosomes arrangement of its father - a bighorn sheep (chibouk) from Eveno-Bytantaysky ulus and a domestic sheep of black color. On May 30 a little male-lamb was born (from white sheep). The YSAA’s Academic Council decided to call a couple of lambs Lookuut and Nurguhun.

Born sheep are different from domestic sheep by paternal traits – long legs, jumping ability, thick wool and a white spot on a head – a trait of wild bighorn sheep. Thus, for the first time Yakutian scientists developed a technology of artificial insemination in field extreme conditions of Yakutia.