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16:04 | May 31 | 2013

NEFU scientists returned from training in Korea

Workers of the Department of Biology and Geography had won a competitive tender for co-financing of training in foreign universities and enterprises, which had been held by the International Scientific School for graduate students and young scientists of NEFU. The head of the Department of High-molecular Compounds and Organic Chemistry - Professor Aitalina Okhlopkova, graduate Leonid Nikiforov and undergraduate Julia Kirillina passed a scientific training in the Republic of Korea.

The NEFU delegation also held business meetings with companies “Buhmwoo” and “GS Caltex Institute”, where they discussed programs and objectives for further researches in the field of low-temperature lubricant oils development.

During a visit to Korea, young workers of the Federal University undertook structural studies of composite materials with the use of equipment of the Myongji University and prepared a review paper on scientific results for publication in a Korean scientific journal.