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18:14 | May 23 | 2013

Yakutsk internet- projects in the Far East Internet Forum

Khabarovsk is starting the 12th Far Eastern Internet Forum (FEIF) with the support of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East.

Participants of the forum will present over 25 reports on development of mobile Internet services for business tasks solving, as well as web-development, education and educational resources, internet business and social networks.

There also will be a round table with the participation of online media on the topic “Network media in the Far East”.

According to organizers, the forum is becoming more popular: 312 people have filed applications for participation this year.

Three Yakutian Internet project are presented in three nominations: “Best Corporate Website” (the North-Eastern Federal University (s-vfu.ru) and “Cinema-Center” Cinema (kino.ykt.ru)), “Best Information Site” (Afisha-Online.Ru (afisha-online.ru)), and “Best Non-profit or Thematic Project” (Arctic multilingual portal (arctic-megapedia.ru)).