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17:32 | May 22 | 2013

“Khatyryk” youth debating club to be in Yakutia

At the initiative of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Family Policy of Yakutia, Alexander Podgolov, it will be established a permanent youth debating club “Khatyryk” within the framework of 1 hundred social initiatives devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Republic statehood.

Alexander Podgolov himself offered to name the debating club in honor of the village Khatyryk – a homeland of one of the founders of the Yakutian autonomy, Maksim Ammosov. From this year and till 2022, the club should hold one hundred meetings in different uluses, but the first and the last meetings will be held at the Museum of Statehood History of Yakutia in Khatyryk village of Namsky region.

It is planned to discuss all burning issues of the Republic, hold meetings with prominent state and public figures, debates and other events.