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17:30 | May 22 | 2013

Vilyuisk to hold a meeting of “Association Olonkho” public organization

 The Presidium of the Yakutian Republican public organization “Association Olonkho” holds meetings in order to provide guidance and practical assistance on-site. Meetings were held in Megino-Kangalassky, Namsky, Churapchinsky, Verkhoyansky regions of the Republic.

The next offsite enlarged meeting of the “Association Olonkho” will be held on June 7 in Vilyuisky ulus with participation of representatives of Suntarsky, Nyurbinsky and Verkhnevilyuisky uluses.

Today in Vilyuisk Ulus the Association is carrying out a systematic work on study, preservation and extending of Olonkho under the direction of the Honor of culture of Yakutia, the head of the national collective of olonkhosuts (narrators of Olonkho) named after V.O. Karataev, Svetlana Ivanova. Besides, there is a construction of the House of Olonkho in Vilyuisk at the present time.