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18:03 | May 08 | 2013

Yakutsk Pupils wrote letters to the Great Patriotic War’s veterans

By tradition, on the eve of the Victory Day press service of the RS (Y) Ministry of Interior together with the Public Council held a campaign “Letter to a Veteran”. This time the event took place in a secondary school ¹ 9 named after M.I. Kershengolts of Yakutsk among pupils of the eighth and ninth grades.

The campaign is aimed at consolidation of young generation’s patriotism and pride for their country and its defenders, who fought with the army of Nazi Germany during the World War II.

Pupils’ letters will be handed to veterans today, during their honoring in the RS (Y) Ministry of Interior, and tomorrow, on May 9, during the Victory Day parade, according to the website of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sakha (Yakutia).