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17:00 | May 03 | 2013

The Bishop of Yakutsk and Lensk blessed Yakutsk bakery for baking Easter cakes

On April 30 the Bishop of Yakutsk and Lensk, Roman, consecrated Yakutsk bread-baking complex. By tradition, this complex together with the Diocese of Yakutsk annually prepare for Easter: on the Bright Resurrection of Christ workers of the bakery will bake Easter cakes for citizens and guests of the capital, with the blessing of His Eminence. 

 This year, Easter in Yakutia will be special one because of the 20th anniversary of revival celebration by Yakutsk and Lena Diocese. 

The Yakutsk bread-baking complex will also bake celebratory cakes in the form of an Easter egg. Only faithful bakers will bake cakes because a cake is one of the oldest symbols of the Resurrection of Christ.