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16:55 | May 02 | 2013

111 000 people at the May Day demonstration in Yakutia

On May 1 Yakutsk main square started the festive demonstration under a slogan “Decent work – decent salary!” according the Decree of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.

As reported by the Federation of Trade Unions of Yakutia, for the first time labor dynasties of Yakutia and the youth trade union were presented in separate columns of the demonstration.

Participants were greeted by the President of the Republic, Egor Borisov, the Vice-President, Dmitry Glushko, the State Duma deputy Mikhail Nikolaev, the Chairman of the State Assembly Il Tumen, Vitaly Basygysov, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Yakutia, Alexander Kim Kimen, the mayor of the city of Yakutsk, Aisen Nikolaev, and others.

In his welcoming speech Egor Borisov said that only unity and creative work will form the basis for the further prosperity of the Republic.

Not for the first time Yakutsk took the first place in the Far Eastern Federal District by the number of demonstrators (55 thousand people). Then following cities are Khabarovsk (40 thousand), Vladivostok (25 thousand) and Magadan (23 thousand).The total number of demonstrators in the Republic, including Yakutsk, was 111 thousand people.