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18:08 | Apr 24 | 2013

Japanese journalist visited the Oimyakonsky region in Yakutia

This spring the journalist of the most popular newspaper in Japan “Asahi” visited the Oimyakonsky region of Yakutia. The reason for the trip was numerous questions of readers about the region’s people and their perfect health helping them to live in the coldest place in the Earth.

Thus, the Japanese were interested in the fact that citizens of Oimyakon were not susceptible to cold-related diseases because all viruses and bacteria could not live in cold. In search of an answer to this question the Japanese journalist went to the local hospital and had a talk with the doctor-therapist Ammosova. “The information that the locals do not get sick is a myth; at the present time about 50 students have flu”, - she said.

In addition, the Japanese got acquainted with the peculiarities of the Yakutian cuisine, traditional sports, and went on fishing.

The administration of the village gave the journalist a certificate proving his visit of the Pole of Cold. The popularity of this place has grown thanks to broadcasts in Russian and foreign television.