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18:04 | Apr 24 | 2013

Cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko is a nominee of “The Yakut of the Year-2012” Award

 The first deputy general director of “Sakhamedia” the Informational and Publishing Holding, Afanasy Noev, handed the pilot cosmonaut of the RF, Hero of Russia, Oleg Kononenko, Diploma of the nominee of “The Yakut of the Year -2012" Award for his promotion of the Yakutian khomus.

Presentation of the diploma was held at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

According to Afanasy Noev, “Yakutia” newspaper offered the idea of ​​“Yakutian khomus in space” project.

The best khomus, created by a folk artist Revoly Chemchoev, was chosen for the flight into the orbit. A well-known khomus player, Stanislav Zhirkov, gave Oleg Kononenko a few lessons of playing.  On December 21, 2011 the Yakutian khomus in “Soyuz TMA-03 M” spacecraft left for space and spent 192 days in the universe.

On April 27 the award ceremony will be held during the Republic Day, where seven of the most worthy nominees will be awarded medals of sterling silver; the medal of the Grand Prix winner will be diamonded.