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18:12 | Apr 23 | 2013

“Wolf Creek-2013” ice fishing fest in the Kobyaisky ulus

Sangar village of the Kobyaisky ulus 240 km far from Yakutsk held “Wolf Creek” the annual open festival of ice fishing before closing of winter roads.

 The event was dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Sangar village foundation. The main objectives were tourism development of the Kobyaisky ulus, popularization of ice fishing and attracting people to a healthy lifestyle and respect for Mother Nature. Besides local people, guests from Yakutsk, Khangalassky and Namsky uluses came to the festival.

In spite of bad weather conditions and poor bite, the four-hour fishing revealed the most experienced and avid fishermen. Thus, the team of the Khangalassky ulus was the winner with the largest amount of caught fish. According to the results of the competition, the following nominations were awarded: “The first fish”, “The largest fish”, “Valuable fish”, “The youngest fisherman”, "”The oldest fisherman”, “Fisherwoman” and others. All the winners were awarded  prizes and cash bonuses, and the winner team was officially handed over wolf skin.