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18:05 | Apr 23 | 2013

Yakutian archivistsí works are highly appreciated by Russian jury

The conference hall of the Russian State Archive of Social and Politic History in Moscow held the award ceremony of the winners of the Competition in the area of archive science, document science and archaeography of 2009-2011.

Heads and experts of archival institutions from 17 regions of the Russian Federation and federal archives came to the event. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was represented by the director of the National Archive of Yakutia Nikolay Konstantinov and the NatArchve’s head archaeographer of the department of information services Alexander Kalashnikov.

The head of the Federal Archival Agency Andrey Artizov noted that it was for the first time when the competition’s works had been considered by jury of scientific and cultural communities but not by representatives of the Federal Archival Agency.

Yakutian participants succeeded in the event: they got the first place and the second place diplomas in the nominations “Photo Album” and “Collection of Documents of the Soviet period” respectively.