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17:10 | Apr 22 | 2013

Ten liters of blood from NEFU students on Donor Day

Students of the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov joined the All-Russian Donor Day. Activists of the joined students’ council of dormitories held the campaign “Donate blood – save a life!”. The Donor Day is celebrated on April 20.

The initiator of the action Marianna Nikolaeva told that 29 students took part in it and donated 10 800 ml of blood.

“Today, the Donation situation is not bad; people come to donate blood every day. It is pleasant that youth organizations are cooperating with us. We must remember that donated blood is constantly needed – every day. Blood of ten people is required during a major operation”, - the head of the donor department of the RS (Y) Blood Transfusion Station Irina Gulyaeva comments.