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18:27 | Apr 19 | 2013

“Pedestrian” campaign in Yakutsk

In the light of the current traffic situation and large cases of traffic injuries among pedestrians, Yakutsk holds “Pedestrian” preventive campaign from 17 to 24 of April, 2013. The main objective of the campaign is extinction, prevention, detection of traffic rules violations by drivers as well as by pedestrians. Traffic police officers are raising awareness among road users about strict observance of traffic rules at pedestrian crossings in order to attract public attention to the problem of road traffic injuries.
Pedestrian is a party of traffic, so he/she is obliged to observe the traffic rules; in case of violation of the rules an administrative fine will be imposed on him/her. At the moment the RF Administrative Code provides for a fine of 200 rubles for crossing of a roadway in the wrong place and crossing against the red light. If pedestrian’s actions have jammed traffic, the penalty will be 300 rubles.