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18:37 | Apr 18 | 2013

Innovative technologies for people with hearing and speech disorder in Nyurba

On April 16, people with hearing and speech disorder were handed tablets with special supporting in the Business incubator of Nyurba town within the framework of “School of a social worker” opening. These tablets are pioneer ones in the Republic; they are able to synthesize speech in real time, thus, helping people with disorders to communicate with people not understanding the sign language.

 The author’s project was developed by a teacher of computer technology of Nyurba secondary school 2 Yury Vladimirovich Mikhailov.

The new release of innovative technology was solemnly handed to ten young members of the Yakutian Regional Department of the All-Russian Association of the Deaf in the Nyurbinsky region.

At the moment the young innovator is planning to deliver his tablet PC over the entire Republic.