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18:36 | Apr 18 | 2013

Novgorodians to restore a church in Russkoe Ustie (Russian Creek) village

At the beginning of May the blockhouse of the God’s Mother Church will be sent back to Russian Creek village in Yakutia. Originally, the church was constructed in this Russian village and had been standing there till 1930.

In July, 2013 Novgorod delegation of cultural workers, journalists, churchmen, representatives of the Administration of the Novgorod Region and sponsoring organizations will bring “The Sign” list of miraculous image of God’s Mother. Besides, they are deciding the issue on shooting of a documental film about the colony of the Novgorodians on the Arctic Ocean.

It’s worth recalling that the initiative to restore the Church in Russian Creek and support this Russian settlement belong to the Metropolitan of Novgorod, the Governor of Novgorod Sergey Mitin.