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18:50 | Apr 17 | 2013

Holiday of reindeer in Yakutia

On April 18-21 Yuryung-Khaya village of the Anabarsky ulus will celebrate a traditional holiday of reindeer dedicated to the 100th anniversary of a reindeer breeder, a Hero of Socialistic Labor Iliya Spiridonov.

It is pleasant that the holiday will consist of important for reindeer breeders events. The holiday started on April 13 with regional competition of fashion designers “Kemyus Inne” (Golden Needle) with presentation of everyday clothes of national coloring and work clothes of reindeer breeders.

On April 17 “White nights of Anabar” contest of songs will be hold. Next day skilful handywomen of Northern peoples will present their skills and talents in the republican review competition of applied and decorative arts “Mirgilan” (Traceries).

Pupils of the Anabarsky ulus will be able to participate in the Spartakiad in Northern multiathlon.

On April 19 breeders will gather for business talk and discuss problems and prospects of reindeer breeding development in the ulus.

On April 20 the village will hold republican competition of nomadic family “Mistress of a chum, keep your home!”. On the same evening a local cultural center “Heiro” will present the disc of the local melodist.

On the final day, April 21, breeders will compete in the race of reindeer rigs.

Young reindeer breeders will separately compete in the Republican contest “Arkan, calling into the distance”. And of course, the festival will organize the fest of stroganina.

In the evening, all the reindeer breeders will gather at the Republican gala concert “Northern Lights” with the participation of the guests of the festival.