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18:44 | Apr 17 | 2013

“Sakha Seliger” to become All-Russian forum with reduced budget

At the meeting with journalists the Minister of Youth Affairs and Family Policy of the Republic Alexander Podgolov discussed the arrangements plans of “Sakha Seliger” the second youth forum  which was conferred a status of All-Russian one this year. 

Firstly, the organizers decided on the day and place of the forum holding – July 7-14, the “Manor Buluus” the Center of Integrated Development of Children near Krasny Ruchey village of the Khangalassky region.

Secondly, it was decided that the budget would be reduced. “We don’t need to buy new equipment as last year”, - said the Minister. But at the same time the organizers will try to increase the amount of prize money for grant projects; last year this amount was more than 8 million rubles.