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18:44 | Apr 15 | 2013

“Zemsky garden” project started in Yakutian schools

Yakutia is starting “Green schools – the key to health” project holding in the most of Republic educational institutions of Yakutsk, Zhigansky, Churapchinsky, Verkhoyansky, Khangalassky, and Ust-Aldansky uluses. The project is part of the Year of Environmental Protection of the RF and the Day of Village in Yakutia with the purpose of landscaping of schoolyards as the basis of favorable health saving conditions formation, environmental education of children, and promotion of children’s participation in mass landscaping movement.

Besides, the environment-oriented movement named “Zemsky garden” is organized within the framework of “Schoolyard is ecological environment” program. This project sets a mission of botanic garden creation by children in their schoolyards. Pupils will be able to plant trees and flowers, pave alleys, make thematic compositions from natural material.